expose on digital media project predominantly written in telegramese 


Working with Photoshop was new. Working with scanners was new. Working with FTP was definitely new. Conclusively, entire exercise was new. And not without problems. You should know right now that everything turns out in the end. Throughout the process of this explanation of the Digital Self Portrait, things will look bleak... failure will seem eminent. But all works out, or at least I assume so, although credible feedback is lacking.


Assumed that scanners were simple machines. Dumped some things on scanner in back of IITS room and pushed scan. Things scanned. All was well.
Attempted e-mailing the scanned things to myself in order to switch to computer across hall to do editing. Not so simple. Computer made angry noises and e-mail rendered useless.
Opted for CD-R to hold images (praise Nadaa for being there with an extra CD). This proved the better method of transferring images. Walk across the hall.


Looked at Mac. Looked at CD. Looked back at Mac. Poked Mac in several places in lame attempt to open CD drive. Silly PC user. Expecting a visible CD drive and OPEN/CLOSE button marked as such. Ludicrous.
Found open button (on the keyboard of all places!) and loaded CD. Opened Photoshop. Opened Images from CD into Photoshop. Marvelled at slow pace. Marvelled as the image opened, and was black and purple rather than original colours white and blue. Assumed this was normal. Played around with several applications in lame attempt to revert colours to their natural state. Wasted time. Spoke to Mira and discovered this "colour changing thing" was abnormal. Gave up on Macs (maybe forever).

Went to sister's house and used PC with Photoshop. All was well. Sized picture appropriately with little effort. Even had time and patience to play around with layers. Saved document.


Opened up document explaining how ALCOR account works. Was thoroughly confused (lack of Mac, abundance of Mac-related instructions). Downloaded something called PuTTY. Wondered what, exactly, SSH meant. Enrolled help of sister's techie roommate. Techie roommate became thoroughly confused. Gave up on ALCOR, SSH, and PuTTY. Got free webspace at www.geocities.com. Uploaded image to web in mere minutes. Was pleased with user-friendly web-making. Was still bitter with ALCOR. Am still bitter with ALCOR.


Will desist Bridget Jones-like narration now in lieu of flowing prose. My creativity on this project was limited due to my limited knowledge of the medium, and my realization that content was less important. However, I did attempt to put some thought into the images I chose to represent myself. The background is a study of a Lawren Harris (I really do like him) I did in oil-paints a little over a year ago. The negatives are from some photography I did in a class last year... chosen because they are portraits of many of my closest friends, and because I developed the film myself and am rather proud of it. Then there is the green shamrock necklace my best friend gave me for Christmas a while ago. I just think it is pretty. I also scanned my headphones, my saviors.

This project was a good introduction to a medium I have never explored. I can see good things ahead. And I enjoy telegramese. Will continue to explore pros and cons of said writing style.

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