my digital darkside 

When I have a paper due or an upcoming examination I like to play Dopewars. For those of you unenlightened to the wonderful world of Dopewars.... It is a game you can download for free off of the web. The object of the game is to buy and sell drugs in cities all over the world without getting caught by a loan-shark or the police. The graphics are limited .... It is the buy-low-sell-high concept that really gets to me. I love finding dirt cheap heroin in one city and making a 400% profit selling it somewhere else... It's like slumming for stockbrokers.

So let's talk about this in the context of today's Digital Media class. The video 'Gender Race and Violence in Videogames' brought up the issues implied by the title. And it was interesting.... But I've heard that stuff before. "Women are objectified.... or in the case of female characters like Lara Croft, misrepresented by large breasts and tiny waists" Fine. But honestly, is there any person (save professional athletes) who feels correctly represented by videogames? Big muscles and killer instincts? Not so much. I don't know anyone who plays videogames because they feel like they can relate to Duke Nukem or James Bond.... Maybe they wish they did..... Or maybe it is just an escape....

My relationship with Dopewars extends purely from procrastination. And that's all. If you know me at all, it is blatantly obvious that I am not a drug dealer... Shucks, I don't even do drugs. But that doesn't mean I'm not interested in the grimy underbelly I'll (probably) never be part of. And I know it isn't real. But it sure is a good waste of time and I don't read much more into it than that.

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