The digitaldownpour Guide to Writing Papers 

Many of our loyal readers are probably writing papers at this time. Myself included. I have taken it upon myself to help you in your struggle by telling you all the things that I do to help me write a paper.

1. A given: do not start paper until 1 day prior to the due date.

2. Make sure that day is a Sunday during exams, when no computer labs are open, save the PC lab in the Loyola library where you are only supposed to work for 30 minutes or less.

3. Check your email. Write emails. Your friends and family need to hear from you at this time. Your sister is dying to know if it was, indeed, a chick or a dude that you saw on the bus this morning.

4. Check your email every five minutes while writing the paper. Your prof may be writing to tell you that you have an extension.

5. Read the buddyhead rules of rock and the buddyhead rules for audiences of rock. They are both very old and somewhat out of date, not to mention that you have read them before, but who knows, they might contain some helpful insight into your topic. (especially if it is sociology!)

6. Check all of the weblogs that are linked to digitaldownpour several times. Reload digitaldownpour every five minutes, after checking your email. Don't be afraid to leave extra-long comments on them about the dream you had last night, or why you don't like holding hands.

7. Take off your watch and shoes, and eat a banana muffin. You deserve it.

8. Try writing a blog entry. It will be productive in the long run.

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