one dollar. 

I'm going to write this story the way I would tell it if I were speaking to you all.

So we went out to the Only for coffee tonight (well, mostly to sit on the patio. They've got a good patio). And Janet and Maggie run in, and they're like "Hey! There's this loonie glued to the sidewalk out there, and about 100 people in an apartment across the street watching for people to come and pick it up! We tried our best, but we couldn't get it. How much time would you guys be willing to spend to get that loonie?"
And of course I had nothing better to do, so I was like "psssh. All night if we have to. That loonie.... is OURS!" And a while later, we decided to go out and get it. So there are four of us, sitting on the sidewalk, doing our best to ruin these jerks fun. And they come back to the window, and they're like "Get out of here! Our favourite thing to do is to watch people try to pick that up!" and this one girl just starts screaming. She's absolutely crazy for this loonie. And then one of the guys is like "That's it, I'm coming down there." And while he's coming down the stairs, Avery's like "I've got a plan." And she pulls a loonie out of her pocket and puts it on top of the other loonie. When the guy gets there, she puts on a show, pretending like it's really hard to pull up the loonie. She's like "It's almost... there.... YESSSSS!" Then she shoves it in the guy's face and we all do high-fives while Avery carefully puts her shoe over the glued loonie. The dude was pretty pissed, but also somewhat impressed that we got it up, so he was like, "meh, you guys keep the loonie." And we pretended to be happy about that. But things get trickier at this point. The people in the window are still really angry because we ruined their good time (or so they thought...) So Avery yells up "I'll give you a loonie if you show us your ass!" Then we laugh. But the guy really wants that loonie glued down again, so he moons the entire street (I also hate the word moon, but what else are you supposed to say there?) We all have a good laugh. Then he's like "Where's my loonie?!" and Avery says, "Right here!" and pretends to put a loonie down where the loonie is still glued. "Come and get it!" So they come running down the stairs, across the street, and go to pick up the loonie off the sidewalk. But it's glued down! Now that is tricky.

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