Stop calling here. 

For twenty two days straight I got one or more phonecalls for Ms. Catherine Peters.

I'm sorry, she's not home right now. I'm sorry, she's sleeping right now. I'm sorry, she's sitting right beside me and doesn't want to speak to you right now. Can I take a message?

Yes. This is MBNA Canada calling. Do you know when Ms. Peters will be home?

I'm sorry, I don't. Maybe around seven?

And who am I speaking to?

Her roommate, Allie.

Hi Allie. How are you?

I'm fine, Stephen. How are you?

Good. I'll try her again later.

Talk to you then.

If I wasn't there to take the call, I would get an automated voice message.

HELLO! This is Steve Dickie calling from MBNA Canada......

Or it was Caroline. Or it was Brian. We've called more than 19 times, Allie. Have you been giving her the messages?

Yes. Yes, I have been giving her the messages. But I can't make her call you back.

It must be getting annoying for us to call every day, isn't it Allie?

Yes, it is.

And then I left, and I thought I had escaped them, the phonecalls.

But five minutes ago....

Can I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Aaldwell?

No one here goes by that name.

Are you eighteen or older?


This is MBNA Canada calling....

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