later dudes. 

Photo by J. Currie. Posted by Hello

I'm out of here. I'm headed up north (Muskoka/Georgian Bay Region) for a few months to have some good times and make a bit of cash. Whether or not they have internet access in Honey Harbour (population: effin nobody), we'll see. At any rate, I'll probably not be blogging as extensively as has been done in the recent month and a half of shameful unemployment.

It's a really nice place to visit in the summer and if any coms kids are looking for a really long drive to a party, I'd say this is your best bet. And you're all totally invited. And bring your many, many cameras because photo-ops like the one above come a dime-a-dozen up there.

So if this is my last blog for a really long time, sorry Mira. But I'll have some good stories to tell when I come back. Miss you all like a hole in the head. Maybe more.

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