funny things about my job 

I work every day except 1 from 10 in the morning until 8 or later at night. here are some funny things about my job.

1. i spend a good portion of my week building sandcastles and pushing children on swings.
2. the staff accomodations are lovingly referred to as "the barracks".... there is sand all over the floor. and the walls are paper thin. and i share a shower with 6 other girls.
3. everyone here drinks every night at the boathouse bar (the "bo-ho") which is a five minute walk from the barracks.
4. it is gossip central... chirpiest people EVER.
5. there was this dirty little perv kid in my camp group who, interestingly enough, spied his own penis during a round of eye-spy.
6. every sunday i sing a song in front of 400 guests which includes the line "and then we make our friendship vow." no joke.
7. the delawana disco.
8. we eat 2 day old food the guests didn't want.
9. my first paycheck.

love you all....

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