The other day I cut a Dilbert comic out of the newspaper and put it up on the wall. It was about motivating the staff without praising them or making them realize that their jobs are meaningless.  It reminded me of work. There aren't many guests at the Delawana this week, so the camp program doesn't require as many staff as it normally does. Here's what happened yesterday.
Keely (boss): "How many kids do you have in your camp group today?"
Allie: "6."
Keely: "Okay, then I'm going to leave the other 2 counsellors and pull you out of camp to do other work today."
Allie: "Okay."
Here was the job that I got. I had to rake all of the paths around the resort that were gravel to pull the stones toward the centre. I could actually see the end of the last path, after four hours of raking, when my other boss drives up in his little golf cart.
Gary: "You're doing a good job... the paths look a bit better... you just aren't doing a great job. See, what we want is for all of the rocks in the grass to be back on the path again. Maybe you should try using a broom. So if you could just go ahead and redo all of your work, that would be great. mmmmmmmm k?"
So now my hands are bent into freakish claws and the paths don't look any different.
My bosses are weiners.

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