remember that band enigma? 

How many hot guys were there in movies in 1994? The answer is a lot. I thought it might be nice to do a li'l reflecting on our collective past crushes and what better medium than a blog?

Look at Brad Renfro, isn't he like, totally staring into your soul right now. How deep was he in that movie The Cure? The answer is so deep.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT to friends) is so perfect I wish he lived nextdoor so he could help me with my homework and then make me shoot milk out of my nose and all over my binder he's that smart and funny.

Elijah Wood. I knew he was an amazing actor after I saw The Good Son with him and Macaulay Culkin, but who knew he was totally into grunge and being bad before Flipper came out? Hot.

Don't you wish Andrew Keegan would hold you tight like that basketball?

How jealous are you that Christina Ricci got to kiss Devon Sawa in Casper and Now and Then? Bitch.

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