the digitaldownpour guide to remembering that not everything is bad. 

Y'all are hatin'. Admit it. You don't love anything anymore. Your Mom told you you weren't allowed to paint your room black and you've been fuming for months. Well guess what? You are lying to yourself and it's making everyone depressed. Stop it. The following is a guide to things you can't possibly hate.

1. Old couples. Old couples holding hands, old couples laughing, old couples helping eachother remember things...

2.And on the other end of the chronological spectrum, little kids are pretty effing cool too. Today Mira and I were looking at the Ogilvy's Christmas display downtown, and this little kid came up beside me and was all "Hey, look at the Christmas guys Mom!" But he was just looking at these frogs that didn't look like Christmas frogs at all. Then his mom was like "Yup, that's what we came to see." and he was like "Oooooh," like he was coming to some brilliant conclusion. Which I think he was.

3. Last week some chocolate bar company was handing out free chocolate bars. If you say you hate free chocolate, that's like saying you hate freedom. And you're a dirty liar.

4. When it's raining and you don't have an umbrella on you, and your friend shares their umbrella with you, it means you guys are BFF. Or at least FF. Both of your arms and half of each of your faces still get wet, but that's okay because you're probably laughing about how you both totally have soakers anyway.

5. The Vinyl Cafe on CBC radio is pretty good. It took me a while to warm up to the idea of listening to stories on the radio but guess what? There are books too, and the stories are so nice you could read them every day.

6. People falling down. Not old people, and not people that get really hurt, but if someone fell down in front of the saddest guy in the world he would probably crack a smile. Once I fell getting on the shuttle bus and no one laughed except for me and I wondered 'what is wrong with these people?!" Then I realized they were probably saving it for later when they could let their friends in on the joke, and that's fine.

7. This.

Ummm yeah there are lots of good things and quit it with all the hate already. What are you in like grade 10?

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