It's over. 

My professor was massively depressed today (his words not mine). There was that whole election business, and also nobody in class finished the McLuhan reading last night, total bummer. Anyway, we were talking about these guys, The Frankfurt School, who believe that the whole system of media are corrupted by economics, and everything we see and trust and believe is just theatre. Then we were talking about Marshall McLuhan (you know, the dude from the Heritage Minute? The medium is the message...whatever). Anyway this McLuhan guy thinks that technologies are extensions of our bodies, like the radio would be an extension of our ears because it lets us hear things we couldn't normally. So McLuhan thinks that technology, outside of economic systems, is what precipitates change in society.And the Frankfurt dudes are all
"Fuuuuuck that Marshall. If you wanna precipitate some change, you gotta have some change first. Meaning money. Ya heard?"
And then McLuhan says
"Whatever dudes, social relationships are reorganized by only 5 things. And those things are Sight, Sound, Touch, Smell and Taste. Put that in your collective pipe and smoke it."
And then the Frankfurt School is all
"Yeah? Well guess what, you don't know WHAT you feel because all you feel is what the muthafuckin' media spectacle tells you to feel, and that's why dialogue doesn't exist anymore, cause people are so caught up in shit that doesn't matter that they don't know what the hell else to talk about!"
Then they all start to bitchslap eachother and it gets pretty juvenile. So anyway, we were talking about all these dudes in class, and this one kid in class started talking about Firefox (which is this geeky alternative web-browser, for non coms-students) and how him and his friends use that instead of Internet Explorer as a form of rebellion. Professor Danisch was apparently not impressed, because then he totally went of the hook about the problem with youth today, and how they need to get off their asses and out into the streets and start a revolution '60s style. But instead they download alternate web browsers and look at political blogs and feel like they're rebelling. And everyone is always talking about the democratic potential of the internet but all that your computer is is a tool of the spectacle; a tool for alienation. Danish said
"You're sitting at your computer thinking -- Here's a revolution! -- but you're sitting ALONE at your computer."
But I think it's going down to like, -3 tonight.

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