d.d. guide to eating in lakefield. 

Considering a trip to Lakefield, Ontario? Then consider this your own personal guide to eating right on a budget. I know what you're thinking -- "with all that selection, how ever will I choose?"

Well gentleladies and gentlemen, there is really only one choice.

Debbie's Lakeland Family Restaurant. You'll know it when you see it -- there is a giant hamburger painted on the wall outside.

This representation is slightly different than the one at Debbie's, but there was no real way to duplicate the warping wood and chipped paint digitally. So I opted for the picture that spelled 'hamburger' wrong.

But don't let the gorgeous sign outside fool you -- they really do have more than just hamburgers. Complete with a gorgeous decor of white walls decorated in progressive po-mo style (or possibly just spattered with gravy), Lakeland seats you in style on any one of their fabulous royal blue velvet chairs. Then take a look at the menu, which has been designed to perfection -- how many times have you been at a restaurant, unsure of how to open that confusing menu? Well at Debbie's Lakeland, there is no need to fear. The arrow on the front cover will point you in the right direction every time.

Enjoy any combination of delicious entrees (I recommend the hot chocolate, sort of), and be sure to lick that greasy spoon clean!

I think my esteemed colleague put it best when she said, placing an empty packet of sweet 'n low back on the table, "You know when you go to a really dirty little restaurant and the food is just amazing?"
Then she shook her head sadly.

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