Baby all I need is one more chance. 

In honour of the sun not being gone forever, I have decided to make a few changes to my life.

1. No more five hour naps after morning classes.
2. No more effing TV (exception: queer eye).
3. No more 24 bus.
4. Keep room clean.
5. Make bed with OCD-like concentration every day (it is so worth it).
6. Start listening to happy music.

Most of these changes are quite do-able, really. I started them yesterday. You should have seen my bed (actually you can, I took pictures) after I spent half an hour making it PERFECT. The sheets were all tucked and smoothed. It was beautiful.
My only problem is with the music. Every song I know is sad. I tried listening to 'baby give me one more chance' on repeat for a while, but every time I do I just think about M.J. and those allegations, and how awkward it is that he is like, 7 years old singing this song about getting his girl back. Also, the lyrics aren't even happy, just the rhythm.
So I am making an appeal to anyone who reads this blog: tell me your best sunny-day-headphones-on-practically-dancing-in-the-streets songs. Please, complete me.

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