i'll disappear just like magic 

I'm so over it being spring.

So I can walk places. Big deal. They threw my dead bikes in the dumpster this morning and I felt like crying. If you can't see the picture of the dead bikes, then too bad. The internet is for stupid rat babies anyway and if you wanted to see a dead bike you should go look for it yourself, they are everywhere.

I decided not to listen to happy music, it is boring and lame and I don't have time to burn a new c.d. anyway. I bought Ryan Adams and The Shins last week and haven't had a chance to give either one a good listen -- what is that about.

I had a lovely day. Class -- Veggie Burger -- William Kentridge exhibit -- office -- dinner party -- asshole. Then we watched part of this movie called Bum Fights and I think it is going to put me in a bad mood for the rest of forever.

This weblog is starting to make me feel suffocated. I feel like I either need to have some sort of schtick or write bad poetry or something but instead I am all over the map and I hate it all. I am thinking of quitting the internet, but may refuse simply because Joffe suggested it.

Of course all of this nonsense may have stemmed from the fact that instead of listening to happy music like I promised myself I started listening to Ryan Adams. Example lyric:
All of these people in my life, well they seem so in love
Well, I am not

On the plus side, I have done a pretty good job quitting TV and didn't even watch queer eye last week or tonight.

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