get more bang for your buck 

Got a loonie and looking for somewhere to spend it? Why not go see a movie at the new Dollar Cinema in Decarie square, where tickets are only a buck (tax included!). Bring a toonie instead and you can get your movie ticket AND popcorn. Now that's a deal.

Hopefully, enough people will be willing to make the trek out to Namur metro to give these guys some well-deserved business and show the other movie theatres in town that 10 bucks a ticket and 5$ for a small popcorn just won't cut it anymore.

You can check out their website for movie listings and showtimes.


jib jab 

Here's a fun and catchy little cartoon parodying the american election thanks to the guys at jibjab.


zippity zed 

This morning, a Zed TV horoscope mysteriously apeared in my inbox. It said:

Cancer: (June 22-July 22)
This week you must decide between remaining constant and safe or throwing caution and possibly vomit to the wind. Either way it never hurts to have Wet-Wipes on hand.

I take this as a premonition that this coming saturday, at my party (that you and the whole internet is invited to, by the way) there will likely be a short interlude of boozing it up, followed by the ever pleasant barfing out of my brains.

I can't wait.



The other day I cut a Dilbert comic out of the newspaper and put it up on the wall. It was about motivating the staff without praising them or making them realize that their jobs are meaningless.  It reminded me of work. There aren't many guests at the Delawana this week, so the camp program doesn't require as many staff as it normally does. Here's what happened yesterday.
Keely (boss): "How many kids do you have in your camp group today?"
Allie: "6."
Keely: "Okay, then I'm going to leave the other 2 counsellors and pull you out of camp to do other work today."
Allie: "Okay."
Here was the job that I got. I had to rake all of the paths around the resort that were gravel to pull the stones toward the centre. I could actually see the end of the last path, after four hours of raking, when my other boss drives up in his little golf cart.
Gary: "You're doing a good job... the paths look a bit better... you just aren't doing a great job. See, what we want is for all of the rocks in the grass to be back on the path again. Maybe you should try using a broom. So if you could just go ahead and redo all of your work, that would be great. mmmmmmmm k?"
So now my hands are bent into freakish claws and the paths don't look any different.
My bosses are weiners.


millionaire mormon 

This is Ken Jennings.
He's from Utah.
He has been the Jeopardy champ
for about 30 episodes in a row now
and has won over a million dollars.

That's pretty damn cool if you ask me.

But some people are starting to think the show may be rigged. Like Esther Long, active member of 'Grandma's Against Game Shows' (that's GAGS for short, mind you). There's an article all about it here



tonight is my last night as a 'teenager'. what's that all about anyways. who the fuck is twenty? well i guess i am now cause it's officially the 8th, but i think i was born at 2:30 in the afternoon so i still have time. or was that 2:30 a.m? i guess i was too young to remember.

either way. happy birthday to me.


ddddddddddddddddrunken post! finally 

i never have computer when drunk but gueess what??? computer in hotel lobby = directly outside of boathouse = karaoke night = 10000000000000 mosqyuitoes biting me!!!!!!!!!

deanne just said "so awful1" so many bugs biting my face and arms

ahhhhhh guess what.... lost 5 kids from camp today hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha getting fired... maybe.



got JY-HD10U? 

We do. My dad just bought this cute, little 3.2 pounds of high-definition, pro-sumer bliss to help us film our somewhat postponed-doc.

It's a bit awkward at first, having gotten so used to the Sony PD-150 of yester-year, but the pictures sure do look clear and pretty.


funny things about my job 

I work every day except 1 from 10 in the morning until 8 or later at night. here are some funny things about my job.

1. i spend a good portion of my week building sandcastles and pushing children on swings.
2. the staff accomodations are lovingly referred to as "the barracks".... there is sand all over the floor. and the walls are paper thin. and i share a shower with 6 other girls.
3. everyone here drinks every night at the boathouse bar (the "bo-ho") which is a five minute walk from the barracks.
4. it is gossip central... chirpiest people EVER.
5. there was this dirty little perv kid in my camp group who, interestingly enough, spied his own penis during a round of eye-spy.
6. every sunday i sing a song in front of 400 guests which includes the line "and then we make our friendship vow." no joke.
7. the delawana disco.
8. we eat 2 day old food the guests didn't want.
9. my first paycheck.

love you all....

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