long lost sons and a jaquar shark 

Wow, The Life Aquatic is just so fantastic. I thought I'd only be disapointed after the Tenenbaums but nope, it was great.

And yes that was Bud Cort as the bond company stooge, I'm glad you noticed.


shit. i crashed my car the other day (not my car, my dad's car) and knocked over a sign. it wasn't even a big deal, i didn't get stuck or break any glass or lights or anything.

but now i am nervous all the time. i just got back from a film (spanglish) and my heart is pounding from the drive. my hands are all clammy. my back is stiff from being tense. as soon as i stood up out of my car, i fell down on the ice.
for once, i am looking forward to getting back on public transit.


happy holidays 

So last night, my girlfriends and I meet up for supper and a secret santa exchange like we do every christmas. This year, we opt for a bring-your-own-wine Vietnamese place on Duluth which looked nice and cosy. No more than 15 minutes after ordering, one of our bottles already downed and Zena is lighting the place on fire with the tissue paper I used to wrap her gift. Apparently, she hadn't noticed the lit candle.

Cut to after the meal, three more bottles of wine emptied and we're all a little tanked, stumbling up Duluth towards my house. For some reason, we think we need more wine and so stop in at a dep before the 11pm booze-deadline. We scrounge up our last remaining dollars for the cheapest bottle of red and Adele steals an ugly hairpin for Sophie on her way out. Ah, the spirit of giving...

Half way to my house, we change plans and head over to Le Pistol for some Sangria. We knock back half of it then pour in our own bottle of wine under the table (a handy girl (aka Zena) has a cork screw on her at all times, you see.) By now we are the rowdiest drunks Le Pistol has surely seen on a cold Monday night, but does that stop us? No of course not, we order another pitcher, most of which we spilled and some of which we drank and some more still of which I aparently dumped onto Sophie for making fun of me about spilling my drink.

Finally we wobble out of there and head pack to my place, unsure if we paid for the booze or just skipped out on the bill. Confronted with my back gate which in our drunken stupor seems to be frozen shut, we climb over my 9 foot fence and find a conveniently placed pool ladder on the other side. Odd, but helpful.

This morning, the contents of Adele's purse are somehow covered in sticky booze, Zena claims it's a holiday miracle that she didn't barf and I don't remember anything after that second pitcher. As for Sophie, she had to go to work nice and early at the daycare today and look after the city's young-ins. Sucker.


d.d. guide to eating in lakefield. 

Considering a trip to Lakefield, Ontario? Then consider this your own personal guide to eating right on a budget. I know what you're thinking -- "with all that selection, how ever will I choose?"

Well gentleladies and gentlemen, there is really only one choice.

Debbie's Lakeland Family Restaurant. You'll know it when you see it -- there is a giant hamburger painted on the wall outside.

This representation is slightly different than the one at Debbie's, but there was no real way to duplicate the warping wood and chipped paint digitally. So I opted for the picture that spelled 'hamburger' wrong.

But don't let the gorgeous sign outside fool you -- they really do have more than just hamburgers. Complete with a gorgeous decor of white walls decorated in progressive po-mo style (or possibly just spattered with gravy), Lakeland seats you in style on any one of their fabulous royal blue velvet chairs. Then take a look at the menu, which has been designed to perfection -- how many times have you been at a restaurant, unsure of how to open that confusing menu? Well at Debbie's Lakeland, there is no need to fear. The arrow on the front cover will point you in the right direction every time.

Enjoy any combination of delicious entrees (I recommend the hot chocolate, sort of), and be sure to lick that greasy spoon clean!

I think my esteemed colleague put it best when she said, placing an empty packet of sweet 'n low back on the table, "You know when you go to a really dirty little restaurant and the food is just amazing?"
Then she shook her head sadly.

ah, l'amour 

i'm in love with a girl named serena ryder.

actually, maybe not. maybe i just want to be her because she's so great.

it's not often an opening act gets called back for an encore, silencing the packed venue from the first number and leaving 'em with goosebumps at the end. she just rocked our damn socks off she did.



over the course of the winter holidays, we will be taking any suggestions for what you think we should do with our forthcoming 500 bucks courtesy of the NFB.

that's right. digitaldownpour does doc shop. oh frabjous day. callou! callay!



It feels like the most incredible weight has been lifted off of my brain. No more thinking about Trudeau, or Debord, or McLuhan, or Witness, or existentialism, or media theory, or media literacy, or propaganda.

I'm never taking hard classes again. If only there were a World Beat Music II.

Now it's time to get back to what the Holidays are all about. Wrestling in Egg Nog.


silly serenades 

Rufus Wainwright on playing at the Theatre Outremont tonight: "I think this is my favourite place to play in Montreal. I mean, it's right near my house... and it's kind of high class, you know, but still liberal. It's like the upper west side in NYC."

He then proceeded to interrupt his rendition of Hallelujah mid way because he had to burp. High class indeed. Great show though, still.


empire extravaganza 

What better way to celebrate the end of another semester than spending 8 hours and 6 minutes staring at one unflinching shot of the empire state building? None, that's what. There simply is no better way. Plus you don't even have to deal with the hassle of going all the way to boring old NYC because the empire is coming to you! That's right, kids. On Sunday, la salla rossa and andy warhol are teaming up to make all your empire building related dreams come true with . Don't miss out.


I hate this city and I want to go home. 

Read: I have too many papers to write and I tripped over an uneven sidewalk.

If it really looked like this I might stay.

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