kind of drunk 


you know that music that goes DUN DUN DUN 

it happens in movies when something bad is going to happen.

you're a jerk effin jer


best of tv retrospective 

this morning, allie and I were discussing our favourite childhood television programs and these are a few we think should be back on the air:

As far as fantastic television from the 80's goes, Today's Special takes the cake. That is if you can get past the creepy dancing mannequin factor and the fact that there's a rhyming mouse named Muffy. But seriously, can't you just picture a new after hours installment of the show where Jodie and Jeff finally get it on?

Have you met the Smoggies?
We love the soot and grime,
We make the whole world dirty,
And we have a real good time.
We love to make things messy,
Just as dirty as can be,
And you can bet we'll mess you up ecologically!

Now that is a catchy theme song!

Then of course there's Fraggle Rock. I mean, everyone just loves the fraggles so enough said.

Now these are obviously just morning shows cause otherwise the muppet show tonight would be right up there at the top.

And speaking of kids tv shows, did you know that Mark Mothersbaugh composed the score for the rugrats? What and interestin career path that guy has had.


spot the difference 

Whoever spots it first wins... A BRAND NEW CAR*!

*car may not be quite so new and may more likely not be a car at all, but a mug with a picture of a cat on it. we think that's just as awesome.


pants off party 

So whoever wasn't at the kidnapper films screening last night is a tool. That's all. You just missed out.


for everything else 

Homemade curry dip ingredients: 6$
Bottle of Rosé: 11$
Half a sandwich from Santropol: 4$
Getting tipsy at your teacher's house and probably doing something stupid that you may or may not remember: Priceless

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