Went out last night for the classic (classy?) Fouf's friday night. It was generally uneventful. Got to the bar around midnight, rolled with my homies, had pizza afterwards. Then -- a miracle.

While wandering up St.Catherine, trying to flag down a cab of sorts, a limousine pulls over. The driver says he'll drop all of us off at our respective doorsteps for a mere $5 each. Interestingly enough, 2 of our party had to go back to the West Island (about a 30 minute drive). For some reason, the limousine driver said that would be fine. Literally rolled with my homegirls around Montreal in a limo until 5 in the AM.

Good times.


Warning: ITL is obsolete and no longer legal tender 

Well darn. I just found over 200 000 italian Lire stashed away in my room. They would have been worth about 200 bucks but now they aren't worth an empty bag of peanuts.

Oh well, I'm off to NYC for the weekend so I don't really give a damn.


wisemen play the melodica 


vintage downpour 

digital downpour just turned one. and you weren't invited.

but we were. so we had some cake.

and some wine.

and it was fun.

in honour of this first birthday, let's take a moment to look back at digital downpour's early days.

Remember January 16, 2004? My first post ever:

are you there, blog?

Then there was allie's drug cartel phase:

I love finding dirt cheap heroin in one city and making a 400% profit selling it somewhere else... It's like slumming for stockbrokers.

You've probably forgotten how digital downpour got its name. Well, just take a stroll back to April 9th, where it's all explained:

The endless giggling over whether to call our new web journal ‘a streetcar named blog’ or ‘blogcicle’ pretty much set the tone for the rest of the semester. But soon, we sobered up long enough to stumble upon a book of Haiku lying by my computer, page 14-

Winter downpour,
even the monkey
needs a raincoat.

-and our much loved home away from home, digital downpour, was born.

In no time, digital downpour had branched out. It was no longer just a blog but a moonshine brewing and bottling franchise.

Soon, you learned to look to digital downpour for advice on everything from what to read to how to be a popular coms kid. Here are some tips for the latter in case you've forgotten:

5. Try to use the following words in everyday conversation: Hegemony, Popular Discourse, Postmodern, Bricolage, Hypertext Markup Language, Analog, Digital, Aura. Don't worry about using them in an appropriate manner right off the bat. Coms students will appreciate the fact that you know these words, and will invite you over for dinner and a documentary.

6. Don't be afraid to be a name dropper. Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, John Oswald, Marshall McLuhan, William Gibson, Ezra Winton, Peter Van Wyck, Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace are all great convo starters at a Coms party! Give them a go.

And let's not forget the numerous drunken posts of the past 12 months:

"ahhhhhh guess what.... lost 5 kids from camp today hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha getting fired... maybe." -allie

"yah, i'm drunk , so what? screw you. that's right. you all stubk. adele is my best friend." -mira

Let's hope we can last out another year.



i think i look like a serial killer when i am cranky.

most of the time i am quite jovial, really. but shit, when i get cranky...

as a testament of my crankiness, i will tell you the things i dislike today, in no particular order.

1. TV
2. Movies
3. Music
4. Books
5. My friends (except you, of course)
6. The telephone
7. The fan in the living room
8. The wrinkles in my skirt
9. The newspapers (both their content and physical presence)
10.The Internet
11.Generation X
12.My generation
17.The Art of Loving by Erich Fromm
18.My hair
19.The cold
20.2$ Chow Mein
21.1$ Springroll
25."Going out"
26."Staying in"
27.My fingernails
28.The cat

Here are the things I don't hate today.

1. Magic

Too bad there is no such thing as magic, or I might just stop being so effing cranky.


click click 

also i have a digital camera all of my own now.



i'm quitting school 

there is something much better than school or work out there, and i have found it.

its name is scene it.it is the greatest board game ever created. you watch movie clips on a dvd and answer trivia questions ... trust me, it is fantastic. i have played it the last two nights in a row.

Also, this morning I found five bucks. the old kind.


one. two. a one. wa-oo. 

mira doesn't like new years eve but I love it (not to rub it in). everyone is just so buzzed and lovely.

i went to one dinner party, five new years parties, and one pub. avery and i had some good chats. i touched jesse's eyeball. i made a new friend who has fifteen piercings. i made a new friend called sarah. i met someone from montreal. i dumped a rainbow barf-bucket (not my own) off of a porch. i woke up this morning and went to the Only for a cowgirl breakfast, just like last year only different. the people, not the cowgirl.

thirty first 

I hate new year's eve.

I should have just stayed home and read.


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