Tomorrow, I'm off to good ol' Gatineau for a week of 'Ideas into Images', a workshop my dad is giving at the Summer Institue of Film and Television (SIFT). I must say, I'm a little nervous. Everyone else in my class is going to be in their 30's, finishing up their second masters degree and working on their third feature documentary while raising their first child. Meanwhile, I've got one year of 'coms' under my belt (a.k.a. didley-squat) and I'm only there because my dad is the teacher.

Oh well. Tomorrow night is the opening dinner/reception. Do you think that means free booze?


As some of you may know, I'm making a film with my dad this summer. It so happens, and quite conveniently might I add, that my dad is Peter Wintonick, no stranger to the booming business that is canadian documentary. You may remember him from such films as 'Manufacturing Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Media' or 'Seeing is Believing'. Or maybe you don't. But nonetheless, we are setting out sometime in July to make the documentary to end all documentaries. Or something of the sort. We're still figuring it out.

Here is a sample from the official synopsis which we are currently sending to all canadian art institutions whether they like it or not, in the hopes of getting just a little more funding.

"A father, Peter Wintonick, and his 19-year-old daughter, Mira, both filmmakers, take a cinematic roadtrip around the world. They trek through the present and future of film and image-making, using significant contemporary and historical cinematic sites and personal encounters as their points of departure. pilgrIMAGE is a trans-generational, cine-genetic meditation on media and its personal and social consequences. Equal parts verité film-journal, digital-diary and ciné-blog, through a series of Socratic father-daughter dialogues, gleaned from years of inter-continental film-gypsy journeys, they meet other renowned film 'pilgrims' and media practitioners. The goal is to transfer a bit of crazy wisdom between father and his daughter. From a renowned documentarian of cinema's Generation Why? to those of the next-wave Generation D (as in digital) era."

So as you see, it's obviously just an excuse for us to go travelling the world on someone else's tab. No, no. That's for giggles.

Where will we go, you ask? Well, my stops include The Squatter's Film Academy in Amsterdam, the roots of the Dogme film movement in Copenhagen, meeting the father of Linux and the open-source movement in Helsinki, editor Walter Murch in San Francisco, Adbusters in Vancouver. And so on. Of course, most of these people don't know they're expecting us yet, so who knows. As I said, we're still working on it.

In the meantime, I have a new blog which I'll be using to write journal entries for the film while I'm away (don't worry, digital downpour is still number one in my heart). But, I'm still in the process of designing it, and it has to look pretty cause it's going to be on film after all, so I'd apreciate any comments on the look of things over there. Thanks.



I got a strange phonecall a few years ago. It started off like this:

"Is this Allie? You don't know me but..."

And thus began one of the oddest friendships I have ever had. This was Dan. A friend of a friend who thought we would make good friends due to a shared interest in three-chord anthems.

The second time we met face to face, Dan showed me his scrapbook. It was mostly made up of angsty poetry and drawings and pictures of strangers cut out of the newspaper.

"This is the page where I put all of the depressing senior citizens," said Dan.
"Those are my grandparents," said I, pointing to the bottom left side of the page. They had recently had their picture in the paper as a celebration of their 50th wedding anniversary.


Dan and I were close for a while, but then my friends all thought he was strange and he moved to Port Perry so we didn't talk much.

He recently moved back.

I visited him tonight and it was weird, but I guess it always was. He put on a Propaghandi c.d. and brought out the scrapbook again.

I told him a story about someone I know meeting the announcer from The Price is Right.

"Oh, Allie. Still so vicarious," said Dan.

I sort of half-smiled and changed the subject because I forgot what vicarious meant. So when I got home I looked it up in the Dictionary.

I'm kind of insulted.


the digitaldownpour movie of the week 

Iceland. It's like Canada, but small and extra cold.

That and the island's sheep outnumber the people 5:1. No kidding.

Yet somehow, despite the bitter cold and ever present threat of an angry sheep takeover (seriously, they are on the verge of revolt), the country has been providing festivals around the world with some of the most unique and beautiful films for the past few years. Most never make it to theaters once the festivals end, like the minimalist, dogme-style Salt, my personal favourite from last year's Montreal World Film Festival, usually a somewhat disapointing two weeks.

Then there are the Icelandic films that actually get screened here at the few 'art-house' cinemas willing to give some foreign flick a chance instead of playing 'When Arnold met Bomb' or 'You got served: Redux' on every screen. Films like Baltasar Kormakur's '101 Reykjavik' and 'The Sea'.

The latest of these is Dagur Kari's Noi Albinoi.

NOiNoi is 17 and bored to hell in Bolungarvik, a town of 957 inhabitants. He sleeps through his classes, breaks into museums and shoots at glaciers in his spare time. The shotgun is his grandma's, who uses it to wake him up in the morning with a nice, loud bang out his bedroom window.

The film is simple and stunning and darkly funny and really worth going to see. So just do it.

Plus, it'll help you touch up on your icelandic. And you never know when that'll come in handy. Like right now, for example.

"Eg er med ofæmi fyrir thorski." That was me telling you I'm allergic to cod, which is actually a lie. Or how bout this: "Hvad i andskotanum ertu ad gera a thakinu minu?" Eh? This time I was asking you what the hell you are doing on my roof. See what fun Iceland can be?


the digitaldownpour guide to canadian employment law 

Employers are bullies. If you are, or ever have been a student, you can probably think of some great examples of an employer taking advantage of your labour. Maybe they didn't pay you enough for the hours you worked. Maybe they fired you without just cause. Maybe they didn't let you eat lunch. Well, guess what. You are not in the wrong, and you deserve better. This is a digitaldownpour guide unlike any other. It's for serious. Student workers need to know their rights. And digitaldownpour is there for the children. So here, now, is the hard truth about Canadian Employment Law that your employer doesn't want you to know.

1. I gotsta get paid!

And so you shall. Federal minimum wage recently increased to $7.15/h. You are entitled to this wage. Do not accept a job that attempts to pay you a weekly salary in order to avoid paying you overtime. If you divide your weekly salary by the number of hours you work, and it amounts to less than minimum wage, blow that whistle, baby. Your employer is a weasel.

2. The effing deal with overtime.

Here's the deal. If you work more than 44 hours a week, or more than 12 hours in a day, any extra time, is overtime. This means you get 1.5x your usual wages! You also get this if you work the following summer holidays:

Victoria Day
St. Jean-Baptiste Day (Quebec)
Canada Day
Simcoe Day (1st Mon. in August, Ontario)
Labour Day

3. I'm hungry. And my boss won't let me go have lunch.

Your boss is a jerk. Tell him that for every 5 hours you work, you get 30 minutes of break. And that, is the Law.Who's gonna fight with the law? Enjoy your scooby snacks kids.

4. Holy Shit! I didn't even start work yet and I'm fired!

Now this is where things can get messy. If you get hired somewhere, and have a contract of sorts (verbal or otherwise), and then one day they call you up and say they found someone else, or that they don't have a job for you anymore, you can totally sue them. Not only are they jackasses, they are breaking the law. It's called Anticipatory Breach of contract, and you have the right to sue for all the money you would have made, had your sleazy employer been good for his word.

5. F-U! I'm quitting!

If your job sucks, and you want to quit, giv'r. If you've been working for less than a month, you don't even have to give any notice! After 3 months you have to give a weeks notice, that's it that's all.

There are tons laws out there to protect you from evil, heartless employers. Know your rights. I got all of my information from a book called "For Better or For Worse: A Practical Guide to Canadian Employment Law" by Randall Scott Echlin and Christine Thomlinson.

The Googlers 

Lately, Google has been so kind to digital downpour that almost no matter what you type into the little search box, our blog is sure to pop up. From "hypermasculin breasts" to today's "does lawren harris have a famous painting?", all signs, for some reason, point to here. While we are always amused to see what latest query has brought some poor, misled Googler to our blog, we are also curious to see what these people were really looking for and why? And how confused were they when their often only result had absolutely nothing to do with what they were looking for? So begins our study into the lives of the Googlers. We'll keep you posted.



This is silly and hilarious and worth checking out. Thanks to little leah and her crazy site for the link.


our favourite family 

FamilyIf you can't wait 'til "sometime in 2005" when The Family Guy reclaims its rightful throne as televisions's King of Comedy, here's your chance to see it live!

That's right folks! The cast will be at this year's Just for Laughs festival in Montreal for a reading of an episode, Q & A, and surely a whole lot more family fun.

piano concert 

keysOn Friday, May 28, Jana Stuart, who also happens to be my piano teacher, is giving a concert at the Oscar Peterson hall at Loyola Campus.

It is 16$ for students and all proceeds go to select Montreal women's shelters and to aiding survivors of domestic abuse.

I'm going to be there filming it and it's sure to be a good show, so if anyone's interested, please don't be shy. Click here for more information.


Someone had fun with Photoshop... wasn't me.  

My sister calls me Woprah. Stands for white Oprah. But without all the bling. Posted by Hello


and it rained.... 

It was Janet's birthday so on Saturday we kidnapped her and went up to the cottage.

It was going to be May 2-4 done right. Sunshine and BBQ and The Woods. Campfires and S'mores and Fireworks. A Potato Gun, even.

And it rained. It rained and it rained. And the Potato Gun didn't work and we forgot the birthday cake and the marshmallows and the generator ran out of gas.

And we didn't care.

It was Dispatch's live album and Red Red Wine, stay close to me-ee-ee, and it was playing Trivial Pursuit (but not really) and swimming in the rain in the dark and taking seventeen matches to light each firework and it was a big fire in the woodstove and blankets and more blankets and in the morning it was sauteed mushrooms and canoeing.

It's still raining, and I think we made do.

multiple m's 

i found another 'm' on blogger but she is a capital 'm' like this: M. and aparently she likes to knit.

this is her blog if for some reason you care.

darn lobsters 

so the four remaining coms-kateers had a nice little pic-nic at the tams yesterday, with olives and candy and lots and lots of hummus.

but now we're all bright pink and sunburnt.

that'll teach us to stay at our computers where we belong instead of wandering out into the bright and sunny world.

that was I.
that was me.
that was the author of this blog.


May 2-4... 

cheers! This chocolate milk's for you, baby!

you don't say 

Apparently, iMacs are the devil. According to this zany christian site, they are "based on Darwinism [may lord have mercy]. While they currently don't advertise this fact to consumers, it is well known among the computer elite, who are mostly Atheists and Pagans."

well, that's a shame.

(thanks to matt soar's pixel blog, where I found the link.)


hello? i don't think so 

well, it's all well and good to offer a free photo-blog uploader-maggig called 'hello', but when it only works with windows, i say boo on you, photoblogger. that's right. boo on you and good day.

toy troubles. 

lomographswell, my new action sampler camera toy is aparently more tricky than it looks.

out of the 36 photos i took on my first roll, only about 5 are worth looking at. the rest are just blurry or lame or you can't even tell what it is that was meant to be in the frame.

but i won't let this minor set back get me down. i'm going to keep on taking ugly pictures like there's no tomorrow.

Me with a male model 

check this out!

the new blogger 

okay, so i'm all for blogger's new look and the fact that you can now search for other blogs based on interest and topic and all that. but i just hate how when you're writing a new post, there are no line breaks, and you have to scroll back to see all you've written. that or hit the return key i guess but that's annoying and a little much to ask.



no wonder so many americans have their panties in a knot about rising gas prices. According to this month's Harper's Index, the ratio of the average number of vehicles to the number of children per U.S. household is 5 to 2. See more fun facts from the index here.


one dollar. 

I'm going to write this story the way I would tell it if I were speaking to you all.

So we went out to the Only for coffee tonight (well, mostly to sit on the patio. They've got a good patio). And Janet and Maggie run in, and they're like "Hey! There's this loonie glued to the sidewalk out there, and about 100 people in an apartment across the street watching for people to come and pick it up! We tried our best, but we couldn't get it. How much time would you guys be willing to spend to get that loonie?"
And of course I had nothing better to do, so I was like "psssh. All night if we have to. That loonie.... is OURS!" And a while later, we decided to go out and get it. So there are four of us, sitting on the sidewalk, doing our best to ruin these jerks fun. And they come back to the window, and they're like "Get out of here! Our favourite thing to do is to watch people try to pick that up!" and this one girl just starts screaming. She's absolutely crazy for this loonie. And then one of the guys is like "That's it, I'm coming down there." And while he's coming down the stairs, Avery's like "I've got a plan." And she pulls a loonie out of her pocket and puts it on top of the other loonie. When the guy gets there, she puts on a show, pretending like it's really hard to pull up the loonie. She's like "It's almost... there.... YESSSSS!" Then she shoves it in the guy's face and we all do high-fives while Avery carefully puts her shoe over the glued loonie. The dude was pretty pissed, but also somewhat impressed that we got it up, so he was like, "meh, you guys keep the loonie." And we pretended to be happy about that. But things get trickier at this point. The people in the window are still really angry because we ruined their good time (or so they thought...) So Avery yells up "I'll give you a loonie if you show us your ass!" Then we laugh. But the guy really wants that loonie glued down again, so he moons the entire street (I also hate the word moon, but what else are you supposed to say there?) We all have a good laugh. Then he's like "Where's my loonie?!" and Avery says, "Right here!" and pretends to put a loonie down where the loonie is still glued. "Come and get it!" So they come running down the stairs, across the street, and go to pick up the loonie off the sidewalk. But it's glued down! Now that is tricky.


Reader Poll 

Okay. So I know this girl. She's a friend of a number of friends. I consider her an acquaintance. So sitting in a dry bathtub the one evening, my friend Amanda and I were enjoying some conversation and chardonnay, and this acquaintance of mine comes in to use the toilet. Which was slightly awkward. And afterwards, she doesn't wash her hands. She just leaves.

When asked to defend her actions regarding the lack of hand-washing, she comes up with this:

"If you're worried about what's on your hands after you've touched your ass, you should be more worried about your ass."

So here's the digital downpour reader poll:

Do you wash your hands after using the toilet?


lomographics! yay! 

yay! my dad bought me a new toy! aparently, this is the new fad in argentina, and maybe everywhere else too for all i know. it's a little camera that takes four pictures one after another but prints them all on the same photo. it looks fun and i can't wait to try it!

Stop calling here. 

For twenty two days straight I got one or more phonecalls for Ms. Catherine Peters.

I'm sorry, she's not home right now. I'm sorry, she's sleeping right now. I'm sorry, she's sitting right beside me and doesn't want to speak to you right now. Can I take a message?

Yes. This is MBNA Canada calling. Do you know when Ms. Peters will be home?

I'm sorry, I don't. Maybe around seven?

And who am I speaking to?

Her roommate, Allie.

Hi Allie. How are you?

I'm fine, Stephen. How are you?

Good. I'll try her again later.

Talk to you then.

If I wasn't there to take the call, I would get an automated voice message.

HELLO! This is Steve Dickie calling from MBNA Canada......

Or it was Caroline. Or it was Brian. We've called more than 19 times, Allie. Have you been giving her the messages?

Yes. Yes, I have been giving her the messages. But I can't make her call you back.

It must be getting annoying for us to call every day, isn't it Allie?

Yes, it is.

And then I left, and I thought I had escaped them, the phonecalls.

But five minutes ago....

Can I speak to Mr. or Mrs. Aaldwell?

No one here goes by that name.

Are you eighteen or older?


This is MBNA Canada calling....



i think maybe i should have watched more frasier.

damn straight 

how good is your blog? by koolutt
blog name
i think itis wicked
how many people visit your shit103
how much a journalist would pay you to publish it.$9,684
Created with the ORIGINAL MemeGen!


least favourite things are more interesting. 

Sometimes I'm a little bit negative. I don't like a lot of things. Here is a comprehensive list of some of the things that I very much dislike.

1. Being broke. Money is just the greatest thing to have. Sub-categories of this include:

a)The price of gas.
b)The price of food. (only an issue while at school.)
c)The price of all the clothes I like.
d)The price of c.d.'s.

Pretty much if it costs something, I have a beef with it. Moving on.

2. Small talk. Here's an example of some small talk I had to endure this afternoon, including *my internal dialogue*:

"Looks like summer's here to stay."
"Yes... it certainly is nice out.*Please stop talking. I have places to be.*"
"How was your year?"
"Oh...Good.*How am I supposed to sum up an entire year? You aggravate me.*"

My friend Christopher once tried to teach me how to speak small talk, after he witnessed me suffer through the most awkward, terrible bout of small talk he said he had ever seen. He told me that the key is to never stop walking. A head turn is acceptable, but the conversation should never involve walking backwards. You don't really need to get any information from them anyway, so an empty "How's it goin'?" is good enough.

3. When people state the obvious. I especially hate it when someone tells me that I have a sunburn. If I've got one, I know it. Leave me alone.

4. When people yell things at you from inside of their cars. It doesn't happen so much in Montreal, but it happens ALL THE TIME in Peterborough. Just last night, for example:


A creepy black rapist van pulls up to the stoplight.

Marijuana? (Moronic laughter.)

I want to go home.

5. I also hate a lot of smaller things not really worthy of a complete section of their own. Here is a list of some of them.

a) Bad spelling and grammar.
b) Sleeping in a messy room.
c) Hairdressers.
d) Hot-tubs with the bubbles turned off.
e) DVD secret extra features that only jerks and weiners can find.
f) Cat hair.
g) Dirty feet. Dirty fingernails, for that matter.
h) Riding bikes purely for the sake of exercise.

6. My absolute least favourite thing is when people tell me that I am negative. It drives me insane. I'm really not THAT negative. I'm never content with everything in my life, or anywhere that I'm living, but who cares. I'll be content when I'm old. Or bitter. Could go either way, really.


sobered up 

okay, so as much as I'd like to delete that last post and let it mingle forever wherever all the deleted online things go, I think I'll leave it up as a lesson. A lesson that teaches us that blogging and boozing are a sad and pathetic mix. also, it wasn't 10:43 when I posted that. it was much, much later.

and so, until next time, remember: don't let your friends blog drunk.


yah, i'm drunk , so what? screw you. that's right. you all stubk. adele is my best friend.

as i said i
, m soo tanked right now.

eheh eh\j

so i'm sitting here in my bra, and i think that beer is a goood thing


digital downpour's new look 

we at digital downpour (well so far it's just me, I don't know what allie thinks of all this yet) are thinking of slowly phasing out the orange. so far I haven't figured out how to get rid of the big ugly orange stripe, but I'm looking into it. please let us know what you think of our new design and leave us any suggestions about color schemes and such in the comments box. thanks

-the management

Mira's movie of the week 

maddin Winnipeg. 1933. Lady Port-huntly wants to sell more beer and what better way than an international competition to see which nation has the most depressing music? Will it be Serbia's Gavrillo the Great with his mournful cello and fake mustashe? Or America's slippery-haired Chester, who does sadness right, but with "sass and pizzazz"?

And of course what Maddin film would be the same without a child's dead heart preserved in a jar full of his father's tears, a pair of glass legs brimming with golden brew and humour dark enough to blot out the light of a 1000 watt bulb.

Quite brilliant if you ask me.


A little taste of home. 

Funny Stuff. Check out the picture gallery. One of the cars belongs to the father of a friend of mine. Try to guess which one!!


japanese weiner art, a.k.a coms heaven 

okay, so I stole this link from the shoup blog (thanks sasha!) but I thought I would repost it here since it is just so darn apropriate.

Prepare to be amazed!

I mean, really. Who wants origami when they could have this instead?


He's not a tree, he's a Bush or How to get rid of unwanted shrubbery 

With the upcoming US presidential election, I thought that any american citizen happening upon our blog might want some tips on how to oust Mr. Bush from office, if they are so inclined. Now, as was demonstrated in the 2000 election, simply not voting for Dubya doesn't seem to be enough to stop him from claiming the presidency. Hoping to try a completely different approach and seeking insight on how to get to the root of this Bush problem, I turned to The Plant Man. So, without further adue, here is his advice on how to get rid of any pesky presidential shrubs.


(warning: the following content may have been somewhat edited without the permission of the original author)

Replacing shrubs needs the right tool

Sometimes those shrubs around the house - the ones that had so much "curb appeal" a few years ago - just don't seem quite as appealing any more.

Perhaps they've grown wild and straggly. Maybe you've repainted or remodeled and those old Bush plants just don't seem to be quite right. For most of us, spring is the season when we take a look at our landscaping and think about what we could do to spruce it up.

But the thought of tackling the job of removing those entrenched and well-established shrubs can be quite a deterrent!

QUESTION: "Hi Plant Man! My hubby and I live in a one story ranch style home which is about 20 years old. There are bushes in the white house to the left of the porch which we would like to replace because they are basically overgrown and not very attractive. We have pruned them regularly, but would like to do something different in the front. Is this a job for a professional? Or do you think novices can take on a project like this?

1. The removal process: Can we just cut them down to ground level and leave the roots? Or does something need to be done with the roots?

2. The replacement process: I love the look of a burning bush, but am open to other suggestions you may have.

Thanks so very much for your assistance!" - Pat

ANSWER: Great question, Pat! From the size of the plants you describe it should not be too large a chore. It is just whether or not you feel you are up to it! Yes, the roots need to be removed but this can be done with a tree spade. You can dig down at an angle about 8 to 10 inches form the main trunk in a circle around the tree. Wedge your spade down underneath the roots and lift the roots and tree at the same time. If the trunk diameter is over three inches you may want or need to get some help. Remember to dispose of the bush when you are through to prevent its seeds from spreading.

-The Plant Man

And hey, if that doesn't work, there's always Vine-X*. vine-x At only 39.95 a bottle, Vine-X moves through the Bush's internal capillary system to the root, where the active ingredient works to disrupt the president's natural growth activity.

* Effective for suppression. Some re-sprouting may occur. May require repeat applications to achieve full control.


My favourite things PART ONE music... 

In the spirit of my hero (Oprah...) I have decided to give the children some of my favourite things. The first of what will likely be a series: music. And I'm talking long term here, dudes. Like ALL TIME FAVOURITE. Really all you need to know are two words. The Boss.

The first time I ever got in trouble at school was in the first grade. Instead of listening to a book on tape in class, I put in Springsteen's Born in the USA. It would have been fine, except I accidentally pulled the headphones out of the jack and the music was just blaring. Mrs. Davidson took that cassette away and didn't give it back for months. I didn't care though, it was totally worth it.

Seriously though, Bruce has always been there for me. I think the soundtrack of my life so far would go something like this:

1. The River -- Bruce Springsteen
2. The Elephant Song -- Sharon, Lois and Bram
3. Dancing in the Dark -- Bruce Springsteen
4. Scarecrow -- John Cougar Mellancamp
5. Skip the Disney Songs Phase
6. Wonderwall -- Oasis
7. Glycerine-- Bush X
8. Comfortably Numb -- Pink Floyd
9. Linoleum -- NOFX
10. 40oz. to Freedom -- Sublime
11. Right Here in these Arms -- H.I.M.
12. Bad as They Seem -- Hayden
13. The River -- Bruce Springsteen (things sort of came full circle when I turned 17...)

Hopefully in a few years Glory Days will be the soundtrack to my life. Here's an excerpt:

"Now I think I'm going down to the well tonight
and I'm going to drink till I get my fill
And I hope when I get old I don't sit around thinking about it
but I probably will
Yeah, just sitting back trying to recapture
a little of the glory of, well time slips away
and leaves you with nothing mister but
boring stories of glory days"

Things go a way back for me and Bruce. When Protools Auto-tune and keyboards make me want to shoot myself, and all I want is some soul, I throw on the Essential Album... it makes me feel better. There's just something about Bruce Springsteen. I think I'd like to meet him.

My Essential Bruce Springsteen:

The River
Dancing in the Dark
Lucky Town (album)
City of Ruins
American Skin
Atlantic City
Glory Days
Thunder Road
Born to Run

A certain blogger and I had a conversation about this post the other day. He said:

"I mean the boss is cool, but 'the river'.... and all that , sure its good, very good, but does it really speak to you?"

I've been thinking about this. And I decided last night that it does indeed. Last night I drove for an hour in the dark and didn't see one other car. The only people around were the kids who work the night shift at the 24 hour Tim Horton's, sitting on the curb smoking cigarettes. And I remembered what it was that made me want to leave in the first place.

"Baby this town rips the bones from your back
It's a death trap, it's a suicide rap
We gotta get out while we're young
`Cause tramps like us, baby we were born to run"

I like most Springsteen songs. But the ones about running away are the ones that really get to me. And I guess that's why I like him. I just forgot is all.


the postess with the mostess 

Ok I cave. blog entry it is..... and it's not even gonna be good. Here are the current topics I was considering writing about for my blog:

1. The Punk Rock University website I linked to before. I was going to talk about how much I want to make fun of it but how I really shouldn't because I was just as big a poseur from grades 8-10... Seriously. My friends and I watched SLC Punk! constantly. I thought it was cool when I got spit on by The Black Halos at the Sin Bin.... I went to Vans Warped Tour for 3 consecutive years. I wore Vans shoes exclusively. Thankfully I was anti-computer throughout those years, or it would have likely resulted in a very unfortunate website. (for the record I never painted my room black.)

2. I was going to copy Jerry and talk about my sleeping schedule. It is just awful. I got booted out of my room at home and now sleep in this tiny, closet-like space beside the upstairs bathroom. My dad wakes up at 4:30am and my mom wakes up at 6:30am and my brother wakes up at 7:30am. Then it's just over. So I get up. But that is one boring topic. And Mira and I swear not to write about our boring daily routines (not to ruffle any feathers... I love reading about daily routines!)

3. ok there were a lot more but i am so not in the blogging mood lately.... Once I take some pictures and put them up, digital downpour will again be at the top of its game.

4. Oh and one other thing..... last night I saw the Wal-Town tour van parked outside L'only cafe in Peterborough. I love being from a WalMart town. I've been there twice since I got home! I thought about going in and talking to them, and telling them that WalMart's not so bad..... but it was almost 11 and I was pretty tired.....

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