remember that band enigma? 

How many hot guys were there in movies in 1994? The answer is a lot. I thought it might be nice to do a li'l reflecting on our collective past crushes and what better medium than a blog?

Look at Brad Renfro, isn't he like, totally staring into your soul right now. How deep was he in that movie The Cure? The answer is so deep.

Jonathan Taylor Thomas (JTT to friends) is so perfect I wish he lived nextdoor so he could help me with my homework and then make me shoot milk out of my nose and all over my binder he's that smart and funny.

Elijah Wood. I knew he was an amazing actor after I saw The Good Son with him and Macaulay Culkin, but who knew he was totally into grunge and being bad before Flipper came out? Hot.

Don't you wish Andrew Keegan would hold you tight like that basketball?

How jealous are you that Christina Ricci got to kiss Devon Sawa in Casper and Now and Then? Bitch.

"jee suois soule! sfupk" 

This is the drunken post allie should have written last night when she got home, mumbling loudly in french, and steamrollered me (and my poor cat!) in bed:

"Uh oh, Je suis soule! J'escalier la fenetrea! uh oh.ea spinnign You know how when you have to bash yur nose into your face sfa and cause you're at the bar and you bash your nose in? - uh, no allie, you're a crazy drunk.- Yeah yeah like this ! (then, of course, she proceeds to bang her fist on her nose repeatedly until she missed and squishes her eyeball into her skull.) Oh no! my eye! where's my minidisk meh meh meh...i forgot the sound 1 voice! ce n'est pas genti de rire de mon fran-cais"

She had been supposed to meet me at Reservoir but apparently she had been too drunk to do that too.


boys will be boys 

So here's what awaited me in my inbox this morning:

"Thank you for signing up for the NRA newsletter. We invite you to discover what millions of NRA members already know - that joining the NRA is the single best investment you can make to protect your Second Amendment rights, enjoy your firearm freedoms and preserve America’s rich firearms heritage for future generations."

Add that to a few Irish Republican Newsletters and a couple porn spam comments and you have the sum of From The Balcony's revenge. So far, that is. But who knows what they'll do next? Are we ready to live the rest of our lives in fear of what mailing list they'll subscribe us to next? Are we willing to suffer through the daily dissapoint ment of "Yay, I have 12 new messages" only to realize 8 of them are spam?

The answer, is of course, Bring it!

On the other hand, we've had our fun and are prepared to take the high road, just this once mind you, and give the boys back their precious template if it'll really make them happy.

By 5pm tonight is our offer. Take it or leave it.


battle of the blogs 

As some of you may have noticed, we at digitaldownpour have stolen our nemesis-blog's template and are currently holding it hostage.

Now Jerry says that if we don't give it back by 11pm tonight, we shall be bombarded with spam for the rest of our lives.

Well, sorry Jerry, but digitaldownpour doesn't negotiate with blogs who won't negotiate with terrorists.

Now, we are prepared to give you back your template this very minute as long as you are willing to admit that our blog is more awesome than yours and always will be and kindly agree to include a link on your blog to ours which states: "Best Blog Ever".

And, just remember, you brought this on yourself with your subtle jabs at our blog since the very beginning, and I quote Jerry on this one as he's apparently "eager to avoid the pitfalls of stagnancy a la Em and Me/ Digital Donwpour (oh it's on!)"

Well, la di da, it's on indeed.



Allie and Mira have just found out what is going to happen to them for the rest of their lives thanks to a little sumpthin which gives them a sneak peak at the future. Here's how it all pans out:

Allie is going to graduate from Coms and begin her dream job as Leo's permanent Television TA. A few years later, she is going to meet a poster scraper man, let's call him Joe, who shares her love of popmachines and they are going to get married at the pic-nic table on the roof of the Home Depot parking lot. After their short-lived honeymoon in the apartment above the other Peel Pub (aka not the Real Pub), Allie and her boytoy husband are going to settle down in a shack in Cabbagetown where they are going to live happily ever after with a penguin drawn carriage as their only means of transportation.


Little does Allie know, however, that Joe is leading a double life as a Soup Nazi and two-timing her with Mira. Now a successful parking meter attendant, Mira falls for Joe because never before has she met someone who so understands her passion for cutting people out of photographs. After a lovely wedding ceremony at the Walmart in Decarie Square and a honeymoon never to forget in the conjugal visits room of a Quebec prison, Mira and her new husband pack up their giant hamster ball vehicle and move to the middle of the Arizona desert to begin their new life.

Want to know what your life holds for you? Leave us a comment including the name of someone you like, your dream job, a place you'd like to live as well as your secret passion and we'll let you know if any of it is in the cards.

to mira 

you should've come to foufs.... now i'm at joffes with honky and jer... weird. and jer fell on his face it was so cool. like, swinging off a lampost falling... so awesome.



This is just to say:

I have made a
new blog
that is for
my sound class

and which
you are probably
to devour.

Forgive me
it was delicious
so sweet
and so cold.


honk if you love donkey 

Oh and by the way, Joffe,
your new nickname is Honky.

No offense.

In the spirit of this new nickname, here's digitaldownpour's musical pick of the week:
listen to the honky donkey do his thing.

Quite a refreshing piece of musical art amid the hullabaloo which is the contemporary music scene, wouldn't you say?

Seriously though, no offense. We just wanted a friend of our own to call honky... yeah?



this dude in mira's class and in my media theory class is so totally stupid we want to pee all over him. and his home.


what i did on my summer vacation... 

Took a picture of some geese.

And went to the beach complete with chucks and a sweater. then took terrible digital photos of actual photos and made them look amazing by using sepia, and red eye reducer (obviously).

see you jokers tomorrow.

and one more thing 

And of course by 'Suge' they mean Allie.


Yes it's that time of year once again.
A time for last chance pool parties on windy days.
A time for evening screenings of free outdoor movies before the first snowfall.
A time for weiners to crawl out from under their rocks and return to their Coms.

Being one of those coms weiners myself, I porbably won't have as much time to blog as I'd like in the coming months, not because I'll be busy with school but because Allie is coming back to town and we'll be hitting the Maz bar like nobody's business you can be sure. So I'll just write a mega-post now to tie up some loose ends and loosen some new ones.

Today is the last day of the Montreal World Film Festival. I was pretty lucky actually cause only 1 out of the 11 films I saw sucked and 5 were actually quite excellent. Which leads us to...

Mira's Top Five Movies at the FFM

1. Forbrydelser (In Your Hands)- a depressing danish-dogme film about a prison guard who falls in love with one of the women inmates and a young couple unable to conceive a child.

2. Awful Normal- a documentary about two sisters returning to confront their sexual molestor 25 years later.

(don't worry they get more cheery)

3. Muxmauschenstill- a hilariously dark German faux-documentary about a crazy guy named Mux who takes the law into his own hands by fining jaywalkers and shoplifters and everybody in between in order to perfect society.

4. Die Mitte (The Center)- a doc about the elusive geographical center of Europe which at least 6 different towns from Germany to Slovakia claim to be.

5. Memoria del Saqueo: A Social Genocide - another doc this time about the last 30 years of Argentinian suffering at the hands of corrupt leaders making deals with the devil and selling out their country to the IMF.

...and if it was a top 6 list then there would be another depressing danish film called Aftermath.

As for my theory that all Icelandic films are awesome, this years FFM was neither here nor there as the only Icelandic film, Cold Light, was alright but not super duper.

Anyways, tonight's closing film for the outdoor screenings is Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly so I better see ya'll there or I'll challenge you to a showdown.


digital prom 

looks like the the analog version of digitaldownpour is still in high school.

conversation to be had:

Me: Hey you! Look! It's the analog digitaldonwpour.
You: Wow!
Me: Remember the analog digitaldownpour? It's back! In blog form.

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