So where exactly does one find out about these so called "digital media installations" to begin with? Is there a mailing list we should be on to keep us posted about upcoming events? Or is interactive-new-media-culture an underground world accessible only to the hipsters-elite through a secret, elaborate maze of tunnels leading off from the Montreal metro?

Maybe we should have considered this a bit harder before jumping into blogdom as self-proclaimed reviewers and media connoisseurs.
Oh well, too late to turn back now.

My first thought was to check the pages of the Mirror where you can find out about pretty much anything going on in Montreal. Flipping through news, film, dance, music, theater, art…but no digital media section. Okay, so no luck there. Maybe Google can help. After a few attempts, the only relevant result is a link to the FCMM website (www.FCMM.com), the Montreal international festival of new cinema and new media which takes place in October. (Actually, my first memorable media installation experience was at the FCMM in 2001, where two guys at computers typed in digits and codes to create an ever increasing wave of sound, gradually getting louder and louder until you thought your ears just might explode, testing the limits to see how many audience members would stay and listen and how many would walk out.)

But October is miles away. What about now? Aren’t there any new media shows outside of the festivals? Or is digital media really as isolating and hermetic as the nay-sayers proclaim, consisting only of people alone at computers (like I am right now), connecting with people through screens rather than through shared, communal experiences?

Well, danged if I know the answer to that, but I’m working on it.

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