once upon a time... 

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Mira and she had to make a self-portrait with a friendly little program named photoshop. Now, she and photoshop were no strangers. You might even say they'd been around the block a few times. But FTP-ing? Hmm, this could be tricky, she thought. But, undeterred, she whipped together some images of her in a nutshell, captured them onto a cd and away she went. A layer here, some cropping there, lots of "lets see what'll happen if I click this" and ta da! A self-portrait emerged.


But how will this picture of mine ever be seen if it's stuck in my computer? she thought. Where is the "upload" button? How the heck would an upload button even work?

Looking for answers, she found a conveniently placed FTP-ing tutorial in the mac lab at school. After trying a gazillion passwords (aparently Qwert6 is too close to a real dictionary word), alcor was finally pleased and let her do her thing. Following the simple steps broken down on the hand out, Mira's photo was online in no time. Easy! But, hmm, does it look duller to you on the site or is it just me, she asked? Is there any way to un-upload it or is it stuck there for good? Just switch the command put/ to del/, TA Eric said, and you're all set. Goodie! said Mira. A few touch ups later and her self-portrait was ready for its close-up.

Now it's living happily ever after on her alcor account and her beloved blog, too.

The end.

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