Fensler Film 

This is just a link to a series of fun cartoons by some creative genius at Fensler Film. By reworking the audio track, he turned cheesy G.I. Joe public service announcements into hilarious short videos. This is what fair use is all about, or should be all about at any rate. Enjoy!

I tend to agree with Stephen E. Weil, author of 'Fair Use and the Visual Arts: Please leave some room for Robin Hood', on the necessity for a certain amount of copyright leway when it comes to art. He quotes federal judge Pierre N. Leval as saying that copyright's initial purpose "was to be an incentive that would stimulate progress in the arts for the intellectual enrichment of the public".

As the fair use law now stands, an artist can use copyrighted material if the work they are creating is a parody of the original, but who is to determine what can be considered parody and what falls just beyond?

If in fact copyright is meant to stimulate creativity, artists should not be restricted on the sampling of other art works or pop culture references in their own work. Perhaps they should just be obliged to cite the original authors/artists and leave it at that. See the Creative Commons initiative as a step in the right direction.

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