From the first day of blogging with Allie, I knew I was in for one wild ride. But just how wild, I could never have guessed. The endless giggling over whether to call our new web journal ‘a streetcar named blog’ or ‘blogcicle’ pretty much set the tone for the rest of the semester. But soon, we sobered up long enough to stumble upon a book of Haiku lying by my computer, page 14-

Winter downpour,
even the monkey
needs a raincoat.

-and our much loved home away from home, digital downpour, was born.

While I think I’ve kept pretty much the same tone of voice since the beginning, my early entries were a bit random and only slightly related to the class. My posts were often left on the back burner while I fiddled with the layout of our blog, adding some colours here, a comments link there and a few photos scattered in between. But, eventually, I shaped up and started to relate my posts directly to the readings and was (usually) getting at some kind of point towards the end.

I must say, I’m very happy with how this whole blog experience turned out. At the beginning of the semester I barely knew what a blog was and now every other word out of my mouth is blog this or blog that… well not quite, but it may as well be.

My favourite post of mine is probably ‘Objective Journalism vs. Journalistic Activism’, inspired by the GNN guest speaker. As for my favourite other blog, it’s hard to choose just one cause there are so many awesome bloggers in the class. Basically, if it’s on our list of blog links on the left, then it rocks. Special shout outs to Em, Jerry and Mike and Jer’s class and photo blog.

An even more special shout out goes to digital downpour's very own queen of sarcasm, Allie. A gal couldn't ask for a better blog-buddy than she.

So while Coms 256 may be over, digital downpour is just geting started, and we're just going to keep on blogging like there's no tomorow. Just you try to stop us.

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