He's not a tree, he's a Bush or How to get rid of unwanted shrubbery 

With the upcoming US presidential election, I thought that any american citizen happening upon our blog might want some tips on how to oust Mr. Bush from office, if they are so inclined. Now, as was demonstrated in the 2000 election, simply not voting for Dubya doesn't seem to be enough to stop him from claiming the presidency. Hoping to try a completely different approach and seeking insight on how to get to the root of this Bush problem, I turned to The Plant Man. So, without further adue, here is his advice on how to get rid of any pesky presidential shrubs.


(warning: the following content may have been somewhat edited without the permission of the original author)

Replacing shrubs needs the right tool

Sometimes those shrubs around the house - the ones that had so much "curb appeal" a few years ago - just don't seem quite as appealing any more.

Perhaps they've grown wild and straggly. Maybe you've repainted or remodeled and those old Bush plants just don't seem to be quite right. For most of us, spring is the season when we take a look at our landscaping and think about what we could do to spruce it up.

But the thought of tackling the job of removing those entrenched and well-established shrubs can be quite a deterrent!

QUESTION: "Hi Plant Man! My hubby and I live in a one story ranch style home which is about 20 years old. There are bushes in the white house to the left of the porch which we would like to replace because they are basically overgrown and not very attractive. We have pruned them regularly, but would like to do something different in the front. Is this a job for a professional? Or do you think novices can take on a project like this?

1. The removal process: Can we just cut them down to ground level and leave the roots? Or does something need to be done with the roots?

2. The replacement process: I love the look of a burning bush, but am open to other suggestions you may have.

Thanks so very much for your assistance!" - Pat

ANSWER: Great question, Pat! From the size of the plants you describe it should not be too large a chore. It is just whether or not you feel you are up to it! Yes, the roots need to be removed but this can be done with a tree spade. You can dig down at an angle about 8 to 10 inches form the main trunk in a circle around the tree. Wedge your spade down underneath the roots and lift the roots and tree at the same time. If the trunk diameter is over three inches you may want or need to get some help. Remember to dispose of the bush when you are through to prevent its seeds from spreading.

-The Plant Man

And hey, if that doesn't work, there's always Vine-X*. vine-x At only 39.95 a bottle, Vine-X moves through the Bush's internal capillary system to the root, where the active ingredient works to disrupt the president's natural growth activity.

* Effective for suppression. Some re-sprouting may occur. May require repeat applications to achieve full control.

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