pool party 

So digitaldownpour and 'em and me' are throwing an end of summer pool party on tuesday, and if you're reading this then you're probably cool enough to come. It's happening at the secret pool on the mountain which nobody knows about and which is impossible to get to but that just makes it all the more of a fun-filled adventure.

Here is my attempt at some clear directions:

Step 1. Go to Pine Avenue at the cross street of either Peel or University. You can do this by walking up from Sherbrooke Street or by bus, taking the 144 up the hill from Atwater metro or, if you're coming from the other way, then the 144 from Sherbrooke metro.

Step 2 a. If you've decided to get off at Pine and University, then walk up along Pine one more block till you've passed the Royal Victoria hospital. You should see a big blue sign at the edge of the second entrance to the parking lot that says nothing about a pool, but don't be fooled. Turn right into that parking lot and walk up, keeping to your left, until you see a road that turns up to the left with a pedestrian walk. Follow that road up, then turn right and you should see a staircase going up the hill on your left. Confused yet? Don't worry, you're almost there! The pool will be right at the top of those stairs.

Step 2 b. If you've decided to get off at Pine and Peel, you'll need to walk down half a block on the north side of the street until you see a sign saying 'Allan Memorial Insitute' with an arrow pointing up the hill. Walk up the path on the right side of the institute's lawn until you get to the edge of a parking lot, then through until you see a small satircase which leads to the pool.

Step 3. You made it! Well, either that or you're completely lost, wandering around the Mont-Royal muttering to yourself and cursing my complicated directions. The pool costs 4 bucks to get in, so don't forget your change purse! There are changing room there and you can bring food or buy little snacks, as you like.

I think the plan is to show up anywhere between noon and sometime after that so feel free to meander on in at your leisure.

See you there!

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