Yes it's that time of year once again.
A time for last chance pool parties on windy days.
A time for evening screenings of free outdoor movies before the first snowfall.
A time for weiners to crawl out from under their rocks and return to their Coms.

Being one of those coms weiners myself, I porbably won't have as much time to blog as I'd like in the coming months, not because I'll be busy with school but because Allie is coming back to town and we'll be hitting the Maz bar like nobody's business you can be sure. So I'll just write a mega-post now to tie up some loose ends and loosen some new ones.

Today is the last day of the Montreal World Film Festival. I was pretty lucky actually cause only 1 out of the 11 films I saw sucked and 5 were actually quite excellent. Which leads us to...

Mira's Top Five Movies at the FFM

1. Forbrydelser (In Your Hands)- a depressing danish-dogme film about a prison guard who falls in love with one of the women inmates and a young couple unable to conceive a child.

2. Awful Normal- a documentary about two sisters returning to confront their sexual molestor 25 years later.

(don't worry they get more cheery)

3. Muxmauschenstill- a hilariously dark German faux-documentary about a crazy guy named Mux who takes the law into his own hands by fining jaywalkers and shoplifters and everybody in between in order to perfect society.

4. Die Mitte (The Center)- a doc about the elusive geographical center of Europe which at least 6 different towns from Germany to Slovakia claim to be.

5. Memoria del Saqueo: A Social Genocide - another doc this time about the last 30 years of Argentinian suffering at the hands of corrupt leaders making deals with the devil and selling out their country to the IMF.

...and if it was a top 6 list then there would be another depressing danish film called Aftermath.

As for my theory that all Icelandic films are awesome, this years FFM was neither here nor there as the only Icelandic film, Cold Light, was alright but not super duper.

Anyways, tonight's closing film for the outdoor screenings is Sergio Leone's The Good, the Bad and the Ugly so I better see ya'll there or I'll challenge you to a showdown.

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