battle of the blogs 

As some of you may have noticed, we at digitaldownpour have stolen our nemesis-blog's template and are currently holding it hostage.

Now Jerry says that if we don't give it back by 11pm tonight, we shall be bombarded with spam for the rest of our lives.

Well, sorry Jerry, but digitaldownpour doesn't negotiate with blogs who won't negotiate with terrorists.

Now, we are prepared to give you back your template this very minute as long as you are willing to admit that our blog is more awesome than yours and always will be and kindly agree to include a link on your blog to ours which states: "Best Blog Ever".

And, just remember, you brought this on yourself with your subtle jabs at our blog since the very beginning, and I quote Jerry on this one as he's apparently "eager to avoid the pitfalls of stagnancy a la Em and Me/ Digital Donwpour (oh it's on!)"

Well, la di da, it's on indeed.

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