Allie and Mira have just found out what is going to happen to them for the rest of their lives thanks to a little sumpthin which gives them a sneak peak at the future. Here's how it all pans out:

Allie is going to graduate from Coms and begin her dream job as Leo's permanent Television TA. A few years later, she is going to meet a poster scraper man, let's call him Joe, who shares her love of popmachines and they are going to get married at the pic-nic table on the roof of the Home Depot parking lot. After their short-lived honeymoon in the apartment above the other Peel Pub (aka not the Real Pub), Allie and her boytoy husband are going to settle down in a shack in Cabbagetown where they are going to live happily ever after with a penguin drawn carriage as their only means of transportation.


Little does Allie know, however, that Joe is leading a double life as a Soup Nazi and two-timing her with Mira. Now a successful parking meter attendant, Mira falls for Joe because never before has she met someone who so understands her passion for cutting people out of photographs. After a lovely wedding ceremony at the Walmart in Decarie Square and a honeymoon never to forget in the conjugal visits room of a Quebec prison, Mira and her new husband pack up their giant hamster ball vehicle and move to the middle of the Arizona desert to begin their new life.

Want to know what your life holds for you? Leave us a comment including the name of someone you like, your dream job, a place you'd like to live as well as your secret passion and we'll let you know if any of it is in the cards.

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