boys will be boys 

So here's what awaited me in my inbox this morning:

"Thank you for signing up for the NRA newsletter. We invite you to discover what millions of NRA members already know - that joining the NRA is the single best investment you can make to protect your Second Amendment rights, enjoy your firearm freedoms and preserve America’s rich firearms heritage for future generations."

Add that to a few Irish Republican Newsletters and a couple porn spam comments and you have the sum of From The Balcony's revenge. So far, that is. But who knows what they'll do next? Are we ready to live the rest of our lives in fear of what mailing list they'll subscribe us to next? Are we willing to suffer through the daily dissapoint ment of "Yay, I have 12 new messages" only to realize 8 of them are spam?

The answer, is of course, Bring it!

On the other hand, we've had our fun and are prepared to take the high road, just this once mind you, and give the boys back their precious template if it'll really make them happy.

By 5pm tonight is our offer. Take it or leave it.

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