"jee suois soule! sfupk" 

This is the drunken post allie should have written last night when she got home, mumbling loudly in french, and steamrollered me (and my poor cat!) in bed:

"Uh oh, Je suis soule! J'escalier la fenetrea! uh oh.ea spinnign You know how when you have to bash yur nose into your face sfa and cause you're at the bar and you bash your nose in? - uh, no allie, you're a crazy drunk.- Yeah yeah like this ! (then, of course, she proceeds to bang her fist on her nose repeatedly until she missed and squishes her eyeball into her skull.) Oh no! my eye! where's my minidisk meh meh meh...i forgot the sound 1 voice! ce n'est pas genti de rire de mon fran-cais"

She had been supposed to meet me at Reservoir but apparently she had been too drunk to do that too.

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