what in the heck 

So, for the past few weeks, our handyman has been living in Allie and mine's basement. Last night, he and his wife came home while we were watching the presidential debate. His wife, who happens to be the sweetest woman in the world, by the way, walks in and asks us to please tell her that Bush is winning or she may just have to barf up her dinner. Allie and I exchange a somewhat suprised glance, having not encountered a Bush suporter in quite some time, but smile and tell her: "Mmm, sorry, not so much. He doesn't come off as very articulate compared to Kerry."

She goes on to complain that Teresa Heinz Kerry is the blackest woman, a real 'nigger' (her word, not mine). By now, our lower jaws are resting quite comfortably on the floor in a state of utter disbelief. Meanwhile, in the background, Kerry is elaborating on his plan for Iraq. To that, this woman says "Oh no! Don't say you have a Plan! That's like saying 'I have a Dream' and look where that gets you: Assasinated!".


I don't even know what to say.

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