and it was the most prophetic fortune cookie ever. 

you may attend a party where strange customs prevail
vous pourriez assister a une réception aux étranges coutumes.

For real.

Shaheen, a restaurant by Beaubien metro, attracted the likes of Mira and Allie by boasting "unpretentious Indian and Pakistani fare. And a Kleenex box on every table."

When we first arrived, they seemed pissed that our friends didn't show up for 45 minutes because they had to close at 9:30pm. So they kept glaring at me in the mirror, gave us a faulty corkscrew for the wine, and turned off the heat to try and freeze us out. But we stuck it out, more determined than ever to get our $6.50 worth of soup, rice, curry, and dessert.

After Jer endured a striking blow at his ability to handle spice, the conversation quickly turned to politics, and Joffe, assured as ever of his convictions, spurred the conversation forward until it became a fiesty debate.

We were certain we were about to be kicked out when the owner, a big, middle-aged Pakistani immigrant, approached the table.

"Let me just ask you one question," he said, "Are you for or against American presence in Iraq and Afghanistan?"

Cut to thirty minutes later, well past the 9:30pm closing time, the debate raging on as Joffe told us everything he was against, while falling strangely silent when attempting to tell us exactly what it was he was for.

The point is:

The food was good and plentiful.
The debate (and I quote) was "nourishing also."

Go for the food. Stay for the old dude in the apron talking to you.

**** out of *****
$ out of $$$$$
Issue 1. Volume 1. Digitaldownpour Restaurant Critiques.

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