fever dreams 

potion Day One: 39.3ºC
Day Two: 39.4ºC
Day Three: 39.7ºC
Day Four: 36.3ºC
Day Five: 37.0ºC
Day Six: 37.3ºC

So why do I still feel like I'll never get better?

Every Tuesday I see a middle aged couple waiting in line for the shuttle bus. They hold hands and smile at each other until the bus comes, then they walk to the door where the woman gets on and part reluctantly. She always turns around to wave goodbye from the top step and he always waits until the bus has pulled away from the curb before walking into the hall building, just to be sure that she's safe on her way.

I used to think this was sweet, but now I've decided that love is an illusion which only lasts so long as both people are comfortable believing in a lie.

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