acceptable risk 

okay, so i've gotten some complaints lately about not updating the blog very often. (or maybe it was just the one). in any case, i've admitedly been slacking since allie packed up her bags for p-town and quit the internet for good, so here's a meta-post to make up for recent lack.

real-life updates:

i'm going to niagara falls on monday for a week to film 24 kids with a variety of learning disbilities as they tear up the tourist attractions with their zany humour and twelve year old smiles. i already have a buddy for the bus ride down. her name is emilie and aparently she is bringing games, so prediction: FUN.

internet video of the week:

if you haven't been keeping track of the number one corporate-identity thieves lately and their antics for social change, then get a load of this. the yes men are touring business meetings and conventions getting suits of all trades to sign up for the 'Acceptable Risk Calculator' which, according to the posing Dow representatives, "helps businesses determine the exact point where human casualties will start to cut into profit". watch.

music i'm listening to (right now!):

new partner by palace music. plus its off of a mix cd which is the best way to listen to anything ever.

pretentious photo with external meaning assigned:

current mood: forgiving

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