the end is extremely fucking nigh 

digital downpour is over, in practice if not in spirit. this blog is just too cold and spatious for one person alone so i'm moving out. my new home is at simianuprising.com/mira. it is as of yet untitled and a little rough around the edges in design but i'm sure, with time, it'll grow on you.

and just a reminder that our old friend allie is settled in quite happily at notabeauty.blogspot.com though she's always been a beauty in our books.

so goodbye digitaldownpour. this era is officially over. though if ever you're hungering for a little of that sexy bubble wrap backdrop, then don't fret 'cause the old digidown will live on, taking up valuable web space for generations to come.


dix à douze 



the gaze 

I met Al Maysles today. Now I know how he charms his way into getting anyyone from Mick Jagger to Marlon Brando let him tell their story on film. His eyes just pierce right through to your soul and you have no choice but to trust him with it.


On what Tolstoy would say upon realizing the power of cinematic storytelling: "My goodness! I have to put down my pen and paper...and pick up a camera."

On his life full of coincidences which led him to make What's Happening? The Beatles in the USA: "It was 1964 and I just happened to pick up the phone when this British Television station was calling. And they said: "The Beatles are going to be on Ed Sullivan tonight, do you want to film them?" And I turned to David and said "Who are the Beatles? Are they any good?" and luckily he knew and we ended up making the film."

On the strictly fly on the wall observation of cinema direct: "All rules prevail. That is until you have to put them aside."

rainy day habitat 

photo taken by jer.

but the otters were the best part.


acceptable risk 

okay, so i've gotten some complaints lately about not updating the blog very often. (or maybe it was just the one). in any case, i've admitedly been slacking since allie packed up her bags for p-town and quit the internet for good, so here's a meta-post to make up for recent lack.

real-life updates:

i'm going to niagara falls on monday for a week to film 24 kids with a variety of learning disbilities as they tear up the tourist attractions with their zany humour and twelve year old smiles. i already have a buddy for the bus ride down. her name is emilie and aparently she is bringing games, so prediction: FUN.

internet video of the week:

if you haven't been keeping track of the number one corporate-identity thieves lately and their antics for social change, then get a load of this. the yes men are touring business meetings and conventions getting suits of all trades to sign up for the 'Acceptable Risk Calculator' which, according to the posing Dow representatives, "helps businesses determine the exact point where human casualties will start to cut into profit". watch.

music i'm listening to (right now!):

new partner by palace music. plus its off of a mix cd which is the best way to listen to anything ever.

pretentious photo with external meaning assigned:

current mood: forgiving


moving day : soon 



quick thinking 


taken by former blogger allie


causality of wellness 



she has trouble acting normal when she's nervous. 

I am quitting the blog.

It has been a long time coming.

I don't think there is anything else for me to say here.

And I hate comments.

From now on you can talk to me in real life (we don't do that anymore).

I don't mean to discount the validity of blogging-as-expression.

But this blog in particular is caught up in a scene that gives me stage fright and hasn't been fun in a long time.

I'm not in a bad mood, and I don't want to paint my room black (if I did, my mom would probably let me).

I'm just moving on.


not quite that isolatable. 

Last night I was brushing my teeth, and
I was looking at myself in the mirror and thought:
"You know what? if I was cooler I would probably walk around with my collar flipped up. But I don't think I could pull that off."
Then there was some ambient noise of water and toothbrush.
"I wonder how I would describe my sense of style if Reluctant Hero magazine (now defunct) were to ask me. I think I would probably say that I didn't want to be so pretentious as to... wait, pretentious isn't the right word. I need the verb. Pretent? Is that a word? No... Pretend? Is pretend the verb form of pretentious?"
Then I smiled some because that was possibly the best stream of thought ever.


fever dreams 

potion Day One: 39.3ºC
Day Two: 39.4ºC
Day Three: 39.7ºC
Day Four: 36.3ºC
Day Five: 37.0ºC
Day Six: 37.3ºC

So why do I still feel like I'll never get better?

Every Tuesday I see a middle aged couple waiting in line for the shuttle bus. They hold hands and smile at each other until the bus comes, then they walk to the door where the woman gets on and part reluctantly. She always turns around to wave goodbye from the top step and he always waits until the bus has pulled away from the curb before walking into the hall building, just to be sure that she's safe on her way.

I used to think this was sweet, but now I've decided that love is an illusion which only lasts so long as both people are comfortable believing in a lie.


i'll disappear just like magic 

I'm so over it being spring.

So I can walk places. Big deal. They threw my dead bikes in the dumpster this morning and I felt like crying. If you can't see the picture of the dead bikes, then too bad. The internet is for stupid rat babies anyway and if you wanted to see a dead bike you should go look for it yourself, they are everywhere.

I decided not to listen to happy music, it is boring and lame and I don't have time to burn a new c.d. anyway. I bought Ryan Adams and The Shins last week and haven't had a chance to give either one a good listen -- what is that about.

I had a lovely day. Class -- Veggie Burger -- William Kentridge exhibit -- office -- dinner party -- asshole. Then we watched part of this movie called Bum Fights and I think it is going to put me in a bad mood for the rest of forever.

This weblog is starting to make me feel suffocated. I feel like I either need to have some sort of schtick or write bad poetry or something but instead I am all over the map and I hate it all. I am thinking of quitting the internet, but may refuse simply because Joffe suggested it.

Of course all of this nonsense may have stemmed from the fact that instead of listening to happy music like I promised myself I started listening to Ryan Adams. Example lyric:
All of these people in my life, well they seem so in love
Well, I am not

On the plus side, I have done a pretty good job quitting TV and didn't even watch queer eye last week or tonight.


R.I.P. Bicycle 


Baby all I need is one more chance. 

In honour of the sun not being gone forever, I have decided to make a few changes to my life.

1. No more five hour naps after morning classes.
2. No more effing TV (exception: queer eye).
3. No more 24 bus.
4. Keep room clean.
5. Make bed with OCD-like concentration every day (it is so worth it).
6. Start listening to happy music.

Most of these changes are quite do-able, really. I started them yesterday. You should have seen my bed (actually you can, I took pictures) after I spent half an hour making it PERFECT. The sheets were all tucked and smoothed. It was beautiful.
My only problem is with the music. Every song I know is sad. I tried listening to 'baby give me one more chance' on repeat for a while, but every time I do I just think about M.J. and those allegations, and how awkward it is that he is like, 7 years old singing this song about getting his girl back. Also, the lyrics aren't even happy, just the rhythm.
So I am making an appeal to anyone who reads this blog: tell me your best sunny-day-headphones-on-practically-dancing-in-the-streets songs. Please, complete me.



i just wrote the worst blog in the history of digitaldownpour. if, by chance, you checked the blog during the thirty seconds before i just erased it, i apologize.

i have been going through a creative drought when it comes to the internet, mostly because i know that nothing i do can possibly surpass this kid.

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